Cell Tower Blinks Red – Tim Carrigg

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My colleague at Lawrence University, Tim Carrigg, has been writing some really incredible music and I am proud to be involved! At the end of this spring term he recruited me to play bass (thanks to Mark Urness for lending me his 5-string) on one of his newest pieces, Cell Tower Blinks Red. It was a pleasure playing on such an interesting piece and with a bunch of great musicians! I always love playing bass with the great Jerry Lemke-Rochon on drums. He and I are the rhythm section in another band at school called Aminal, which I will hopefully be posting a lot about in the future. Also the Cello solo is by the one and only Matt Turner. Matt is one of my mentors and sponsor for my Contemporary Improvisation major at LU. I am constantly astounded by his musicianship and his work as an educator. His website can be found here.

Please feel free to check out Tim’s other pieces on his soundcloud, I find all of his work to be brilliant. I play guitar on Namaste and Once Upon A Time, which can be found there.

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