Teisco E-110 Project

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This is a Made in Japan 60’s Teisco E-110. They seem to get a lot of hate around the internet, and people say that there is no good to them at all. I don’t see it that way. In fact, I see an interesting vintage guitar with some problems but mostly with a lot of potential to become a lovely instrument. The neck is straight, and it has a lively acoustic sound. Those are really the two most important criteria to look at when you choose an electric guitar in my opinion. I got it 3 days ago at a great guitar shop in Chicago called Midwest Buy and Sell. It was cheap($100), which is perfect for me considering I was looking for a project guitar. Subsequent posts will detail the work that I am going to do on the instrument with pictures and details of what I’m doing. Because of the low value, I won’t be trying too hard to maintain original condition.

Here’s the current laundry list:

  • Complete Re-Fret. I’ve done fretwork a couple of times before, including on an original 1957 Fender Telecaster. Naturally, then the stakes were much higher, so I feel confident about doing this one and it should be a great opportunity to hone my skills. The one hangup is that, believe it or not, this funky thing has a bound fingerboard. So that will take a bit of navigating.
  • New tuners, or at least grease up the ones that are on there.
  • New pickups and wiring harness, which I will be creating from scratch. Probably that will mean a new pickguard which is a bummer because I think the tulips are kinda cute.
  • I’ll be carving a new bridge for it out of ebony, this one isn’t compensated for intonation.
  • Any other odds and ends that I think it needs, including a final set-up.

Check back in to see what happens to this old thing! I plan on having it done by the end of the summer, hopefully it will become my new main axe for louder situations.

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