Distractions – Levels

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I’m playing in a new group. We are called Levels and we just released our first recording entitled Distractions!

Levels is a contemporary chamber ensemble with a strong focus on improvisation and self-composed/arranged music. Please give it a listen! Some of this is challenging music – music that leans into the avant-garde and deals with difficult subject matter. Have an open mind, but also don’t feel obliged to “like” it. Maybe that’s not the function of all music? Another topic for another day…

My piece on the recording is entitled ‘Posthole’. I wrote it about an experience I had on the summit of Glacier Peak in the Cascade Mountains. Because I don’t want to give anyone a particular way of listening to the music, I won’t say any more. If you are curious about my experience feel free to ask, I’d be happy to explain further.

We are:

Adam Friedman – Percussion

Kyle Stalsberg – Viola

Dominic Ellis – Trombone

Sam Pratt – Tenor Sax

Sam Genualdi – Guitar

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