Teisco E-110 (Heavily customized)
Teisco E-110 (Fretless)
’63 Gibson ES-125TC
Custom Built Solid Body (H-S-H)
70’s Aria Pro II Archtop
2012 Fender Jazz Bass (Made in Mexico)
’66 Gibson LG-1 Flat Top Acoustic
’52 Supro Spectator 1414 Lapsteel


’63 Gibson ES-125 TC


Fender Blues Junior
Fender Blues Deville (2×12)


MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
EHX Freeze
EHX Stereo Pulsar
OCD Fulltone Overdrive
Strymon Blue Sky Reverb
Z-Vex Fat Fuzz Factory
Montreal Assembly Count to 5
Crybaby Wah
BYOC OD-2 (Kit built dual overdrive)
Boss OC-2 (Octave)
Boss OS-2 (Overdrive/Distortion)
Moog MIDI Murf
Moog Low Pass Filter
Ernie Ball VPJR – Modified w/added buffer


Current Pedal Rig

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