The Good Rain

The Good Rain is a hard bound book of collages that I produced in the Winter ’16. The cover is a 3-color reduction process woodcut print on book cloth, and the pages are digital prints made from scans of the original collages. I produced the work with submissions from a number of individuals in the Lawrence community (thank you!!). Below you will find a slideshow with a selection of a few of the collages that are contained in the book as well as photos of the book itself in a display case. In this work I found that there was a great deal of benefit to the play between digital and analog processes. I played with various scanning techniques and combining hand processes with the digital images. In the end I found that I had created a very satisfying result. Obviously interacting with the work here in a slideshow format can’t compare to interacting with the book in your hands, but at least as a sample here it is.

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