Instrument Repair

I love sending customers home with an instrument that they just can’t put down!

I’ve worked on instruments of all kinds. New, vintage, cheap, expensive. You name it. Past clients include members of Wilco, the Met and dozens of working professional musicians around the country. Chances are I can help you out, feel free to drop a line!


I’m equipped to repair both acoustic and electric guitars as well as amps, pedals and other electronic noise-makers. Feel free to get in touch about your beloved instrument and I’d be happy to give you a quote.


Instruments need regular setups to keep playing their best. I have reasonable rates, and quick turnarounds. Your axe has never played and sounded so good!


Sometimes an instrument needs a little something extra to really make it sing. A swap of pickups, a custom bridge, a different circuit design… I’d be happy to help you make your instrument what you always wished it could be.